How to calculate carton measurement? Stander shirt fold.

Stander fold carton Measurement .
Calculate carton measurement for shipment.


Packaging method wrapping, compressing, filling, or creating goods for the reason of protection of goods and their convenient dealing with.

The packaging is a vital part of the product, which has to receive plenty of attention from the people. it is worried about designing & generating appropriate packages for a product. Packaging manually refers back to the procedure of design, assessment, and manufacturing of packages.

and Packaging can be described as a coordinated machine of getting ready items for

shipping warehousing and logistics for sale, and cease.

After very first inspection and clothes folding, the clothes are poly-packed dozen-clever.

coloration-smart, length ratio wise, bundled and packed inside the carton.

The carton shipping mark with vital information in printed shape that’s seen outside the carton easily.

It’s ever had to make certain the location of stickers inside the right place.


Calculate a measurement for ready. stander fold shirt-goods basically 24 pcs per carton.

Folding Dimension:

Folding length =12 “,Folding width =9”, collar height= 1.5″maybe

Quantity of pcs:

Total of 24 pcs per carton. the Googs.

Corona protection! The 1500 years ago, the world scientist said what to do to prevent corona-virus. Ozu is the best way.

Carton dimension :

Width 12*1+1=13″, Length=9*2+2=20″, Height= 6*1.5+4+1=14″


Height must be measurement collar height Beige and after the fold thinks of bottom side.

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