The 1500 years ago, the world scientist said what to do to prevent corona-virus. Ozu is the best way.

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Novel-covid-19 coronavirus emerging “Uhan” from China’s outbreak has spread worldwide. The addicted number of people worldwide is increasing daily. 2,09,839 people addicted to the world and death 8,778 people. Bangladesh has been also-found in twenty patients.

infected with the virus and death 1 people. The growing fear of it has come down to public life. Therefore, doctors are saying that to avoid public meetings, mass transit and wash hands frequently. Because the disease can spread more by hand.

Besides, from the religious point of view, the scholars say that to avoid corona, we must first repent to the Almighty Allah.

The sin must be-given up day by day.

‘This is on the grounds that the Prophet (hz.muhammad (s)) stated, “When erotic entertainment gets broad in a country, starvation and disease win among them, which was not previously.” [Ibn Majah, Hadith: 4019]’

Therefore, it is important to exclude Sin from the personal level to a wider range. In addition, we can benefit from doing five times namaz ‘ Azu and other times as well. Because the great Allah has made it Farz to wash the four organs which because the virus to spread quickly through the four organs.

In the Holy Qur’an, it is said:

“O you who believe, when you want to stand in prayer, wash your hands and face, with your elbows include, wipe your head, and wash your feet until you have ankles. [Sura al-Maida, Verse: 6]

In the ayah mentioned above, Allah has obligated to wash four organs for the purification of His servants. Anointing the hands, the whole face, legs and head up to the elbows up to the elbow Besides, the water with which one will attain purity, the water must also be clean and transparent. The taste, smell and color of the water will remain unchanged.

In addition to this, at the beginning of the azu, the Prophet (peace be upon him) order wash two hands, them, cleaned his teeth, cleaned his ears and nose.

This asked tobe followed as a circumcision. The following highlights the benefits of washing Azu organs in the light of science:

Washing face:

The practice of washing face brings the refreshment of body and mind throughout the season. The face and the two hands are the most cover-free parts of the body. Therefore, they can easily contain dust, viruses, and pathogens. And human skin, especially at the base of the hair follicles and in the mouth of the sweat can contain harmful pathogens like Staphylococci, Streptococcus, Coliform.

Besides, the eyebrows, eye layers, cheeks, beards, which can be easily attached Rabis rubbed are also clean by face-wash. If the mouth is unclean, pathogens can easily enter the mouth. Facial sweat, dirt, and germs help keep the skin moist. So we clean by face-wash our mouths through do Azu.

Wash two hands up to the elbows:

This part of the body is often open for normal functioning, which can cause dirt and germs in the area. These germs spread to various parts of the body, including the fingers, nose, ears, especially after itching through the fingertip of the hand. In addition, unclean hands can also disinfect food and drink. However, healthy skin is a natural deterrent to these germs.

But with the slightest lesion on the skin, these germs can enter the body and cause inflammation and can result in diseases such as clots, abscesses, carbuncle, cellulitis, septicemia, pyemia, etc. And now the risk of spreading coronavirus through this is very high. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of these diseases easily after washing the face with good soap first.

Wiping the head:

It is obligatory to wipe the head with a wet hand while doing Ozu This work is very effective even when free of pathogens. Because our heads and hair are always open. This may result in the accumulation of dirt and germs in the hair. So it is possible to clean that dirt by rubbing the head with a wet hand. In addition to rubbing the head, rubbing the hands with a wet hand on the neck is the circumcision of the Prophet (peace be upon him). By this, a circumcision of the azu- becomes as if it is collected as well-

as the refreshing feeling of wiping the neck with a wet hand when waking or sleeping.

Washing two legs up to the ankle:

The two legs are most open, especially in a tropical country. As a result, this part can be very dirty and germ-added. If you have clean legs, you cannot spread dirt or germs while praying in the congregation.

So we can try to get rid of the coronavirus even by washing our feet properly with Azu. Because if we get a coronary infection in our legs, it can easily go hand in hand. Since now mosquito infestation is even greater.

We must seek help from the Almighty Allah to prevent the attack of the Coronavirus. we will lean on Allah. Be careful as well. May Allah protect us all from this plague.

Covid-19 is the main subject matter:

  1. Usually, wash your hands in soapy water. This Is Part Of Ozu.
  2. Before washing hands, do not touch the face, eye, and nose. Islam not permission in dirty hands, do you any work.

See the status coronavirus killing & addicted patients in the world.


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